Sexy MaddieSprings Nurse Joy Cosplay Cures Your Boredom


With pokemon being all the rage right now, MaddieSprings is wearing a very fresh and incredibly sexy Nurse Joy outfit from the Pokemon anime. Her outfit is all white with red lines accentuating some parts of it, with a fantastic cleavage, a sexy little nurse hat, and red hair adorned with pigtails which give the look a wonderful boost to bring out her natural charm.

In her show, MaddieSprings is displaying her cute outfit for you, as well as some other interesting things while she engages in fun conversation with her audience, letting you see her fun personality while also turning up the heat with other fun things like spanks or boob flashes.

This gorgeous and friendly nurse can lift up your spirits and revive all your pokemon with a simple alluring stare. Be careful though, because she looks so gorgeous with her outfit on that you’ll have a hard time leaving the Pokemon Centre.



When I am not on webcam I like to go to the beach, go to concerts, watch Netflix, cook, and just experience new things in life whenever I can. When I am on webcam I like to chat, laugh, dance, play, and just make it an overall good time for everyone.





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