Rosanna Rocha gone nuts with this Harley Quinn Cosplay


First of all, as we get psyched up for Suicide Squad, I want to say, “Damn you Joker!” Why? because you always got Harley Quinn by your side and what do you do? what do you always do? Do this and that and this and that to Batman. Just to make his life and Gotham miserable. Come on Joker, let’s get back to reality. Why won’t you do it with Harley Quinn? The girl had been way too much long for you to notice her. She’s been doing all those crazy things for you so you can at the least, reward her with some love, man.

It’s always been Batman versus Joker and Joker versus Batman. Why can’t there be any Harley Quinn between them? So for this article, we will talk about Harley Quinn and the cosplayer, Rosanna Rocha. Dr. Harleen Franzes Quinzel is a humorous female side kick of the villain, Joker. She’s very devoted to the Joker, totally oblivious to his psychotic nature and his obvious lack of affection for her. Harley, before going crazy, was a psychiatric intern at Arkham Asylum. A model student, in addition to receiving high grades in college. While doing her research about lunatics in Arkham, one inmate in there who is the Joker fascinated her. She tried to do research and session to cure Joker’s psychotic mind but instead the Joker did the curing on her. The Joker seduced her and thus Harleen Franzes Quinzel became the Harley Quinn.

When you search for google some harleyquin pictures, you’ll be given lots of picture of Harley Quinn depicting her sexiness, because that’s how Harley Quinn roles. But man, this Harley Quinn cosplay topples off all those sexy picture because this cosplay goes way too far on depicting Harley Quinn’s sexiness. The cosplayer’s name is Rosanna Rocha she is a 26 years old cosplayer and unlike some cosplayer, it seems that Rosanna stitches or makes her own cosplay all by herself and the photographer for this shoot is Alvin Johnson. You may also buy her portraits here at her online store. You may also view more of here cosplays here at her instagram page.

Damn you Batman!


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