It’s A Mad Love!


As we all know, the “Joker-Harley Quinn Love Affair” has been one of the most bizarre but incredibly great love story although it’s actually one sided. As Harley Quinn falls head over heels with the Joker Prince, he uses it to his advantage to manipulate Harley to do his evil schemes! It is indeed a “Mad Love” between the two of the most insane super villains in Gotham City.

To reminisce their epic love story and get pumped up for the Suicide Squad movie, here’s Mary Miuu‘s Harley Quinn Cosplay with her boyfriend, Pierre-Olivier Pullo Poirier, who cosplayed as the Joker Prince. They wore these cosplay as they joined some cosplay events where they met the rest of the gang of super villains in Gotham City.

Make ups were done by Mary while the photos were taken by Jean Goulet, Michaƫlle Charette, Naredo Photo, JPLM, and the couple themselves.

The Batman Adventures: Mad Love

The Batman Adventures: Mad Love


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