Spiderman: Homecoming


The last Spiderman movie came out last 2014 starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone and it won’t be long until we see another Spiderman movie again.

As expected, there will be another actor to play the role of Spiderman — which will be starred by Tom Holland. If you’ve watched Captain America: Civil War, yes, he will be reprising his role in his own movie Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is scheduled to be released on July 7, 2017.

There will be superheroes in this movie as well, which we all love. Robert Downey Jr. will be in this movie as well as — surprise, surprise — Tony Stark/Iron Man.

So, why is it titled as “Spiderman: Homecoming?”

This is a double meaning title. Homecoming for this Spiderman movie means 1.) Spiderman is back to the company who created him, which is Marvel and 2.) we’re back to Peter Parker being a student, being an average kid, who doesn’t have that big problem to carry, who struggles to even get a date in the prom.

This movie is set weeks or months after the Civil War incident and Iron Man will stand as Spiderman’s mentor in this film.


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