WhoreNickels makes America Great Again

I once coined ‘Pimp for Nickels’, little did I know that someone would come along and be WhoreNickels. She’s on a Donald Drumpf roll and, if I close my eyes, I can’t tell the difference between his actual press and her satire. She’s that good. She brings a lot of the energy, a lot of the sass, and all of the really orange tan in her parody. We all know it’s a political year (or two…seriously, just how long does this election cycle last?) and Whore Nickels’ timing lines up with today’s announcement that Trump is the de facto Republican candidate.

I don’t care about politics that much. As Jim Breuer once said, it’s all professional wrestling to me. Maybe I’m jaded. Who cares when we have Whore Nickels! So come on in and help make America (or wherever it is you call home) great again!

United States
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