MeowingKitten as Wonder Woman


I didn’t get to see BvS yet (I did see Deadpool a few times along with Civil War, but I just can’t bring myself to care about BvS), but I do see a bit of a Wonder Woman costume currently running in MeowingKitten’s room. Meowing Kitten is a new model for me and she looks rather good in the costume. To be fair, so do I. Also to be fair, her costume is about to come off as it seems she’s a bit too busty for it.

I always love new models who put forth a bit of cosplay in their show. As the Wonder Woman movie heats up (I will watch it, I’m not a total Marvel only Fanboy).

MFC Model
24, Hispanic
Tags: sexy, shaved, natural, new, black eyes, nice smile, long hair, brunette, pink pussy,


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