Elegant Corsetted Gween


Gween Black is wearing this gorgeous ornate white corsetted gown with a long elegant skirt. She got the clothing custom ordered from Britain. If you like renaissance garb or Victoriana or steampunk or any of that sort of vibe, you will love how she looks. Humorously, Gween Black is saying that, now that she is trying to strip, she is finding that this outfit is really challenging. She intended to seductively dance out of the outfit to a soundtrack of bands like The Killers and Blink 182, but it’s not happening quite as planned. She is cracking up laughing, but she says she seriously is stuck in this corset. At least it is a really beautiful corset she is trapped in.




Profile Headline: “I like my coffee how I like my Gween…Black” – SheldonPooper
Country: Brazil
Occupation/Major: Full-time Dinosaur
Automobile: Diplodocus
Tags: wig, stocking, acf, clumsy, glasses, young, friendly, fun, tattoos, teen, cosplay, otaku, dancer, cute, petit, lolita, girly, smile, geeky, geek, gamer, games, steam
Favorite Models: HyruleFairy LacieLaPlante I_Am_Iris JaneZEF MOTHERBRAIN EmaSkye


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