Anime Annie is not Jon Snow


Anime Annie is playing Would You Rather tonight, as she rocks her adorable kitty cat ears and makeup, like she does. She was just asked would she rather know everything and be bitter or know nothing and be optimistic. Anime Annie asked if knowing nothing would make her Jon Snow. But seriously, she says, she doesn’t like that painkillers dense feeling, so she’d go for knowing everything and being bitter. Anime Annie is so positive that I can’t see her being bitter, but that was just how the card asked the question. For example, there has been some MFC downtime this month and a lot of people are complaining about it, but Anime Annie says her view is that running a site with so many streams is obviously a huge technological challenge and she appreciates the opportunity the site gives her to cosplay naked and play games and everything. Love the positivity. Next question is would you rather earn a living for a year as a magician or hypnotist. Anime Annie says she wanted to be a magician as a little girl and, although that is not really her dream now, she feels like it would still beat the responsibility of being a hypnotist and having that sort of power over people. It is free to register your profile this weekend to play Would You Rather with Anime Annie.








Profile Headline: PornStar Violet Marcell, turned cosplayer and cam girl!
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