Jax’s Stunning Latex Ensemble


The images in this BlueBlood gallery are so well presented that they look as if they were lifelike drawings, especially thanks to the colorful presentation of the background and even the clothes. This gives each piece a unique artistic level while preserving the animated punk style that you’d love to have more often in anime series. (Someone should tell BlueBlood photographers Amelia G and Forrest Black to do anime too.)

Jax will surely make you love latex if you don’t already since she is wearing a skin-tight dress made entirely of the aforementioned material, and nothing else underneath. This really makes for a great view, and also allows Jax to perfectly show all her attributes, leaving enough to the imagination at first only to then allow you to compare your notes with the real view.


Here is a little series of Jax taking a smoke break in her slippery latex dress. ~Forrest




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