Denali serves up some St Paddy cheer


GodsGirls gives us a bit of St Paddy day cheer with Denali. When I grew up in Vegas, there was an English pub (we’ll call it Irish for this story) and the waitresses all had to be English (proper) to work there. Most of them would drink with you–a lot. This Gods Girls shoot with Denali reminds me of those times. It starts out with her holding a tray of traditional drinks (the beer and whiskey sort). Denali isn’t wearing a lot in this shoot and what she does wear gets used rather well. I love her giant hat. I think everyone should own at least one giant hat in their life. I also love the way her top and bottom become a green printed prop. It looks like she’s having a good time at the bar and those clothes, well, they do get cumbersome after a bit. When she is wrestling with her top, she makes this killer punk face (hey, I could actually show this one!). Her eyeshadow is this gorgeous green color that goes rather well with her skin tone. Yes, I know, I sound like Amway right now, but prove me wrong. That shade works for her.

I can’t show you my favorite photo. That photo is not safe for work; however, I can show you a safe for work version of that photo. In this version, Denali is on top of the bar and she is belly down. This is important because the bar and her arms are blocking her breasts. She also still has her Paddy Panties on, thus I can show you the pose! She is drinking out of her whiskey glass with a great smile on her face. I loved a lot of the shots with just her and the glass–so I am glad to be able to show you at least one of them. For the other great poses, though, you will have to hop on over to find them yourself. If you do go over, make sure you look for a few where she’s sitting at the bar and looking directly at the camera with a drink in her hand. You’ll know the one when you see it. By the way, the other photos allow you to check out some great ink, too.

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