Cliff Cosplay’s Creepy Green Lantern DC Cosplay


This cosplay doesn’t exactly extend St. Patrick’s Day spirit, but it has a few elements in common with the popular holiday. The drinking element may be absent, but Benny Lee Photography’s photo offers a great celebration of the color green. Here Cliff Cosplay shows off a light-up costume (the glowing webs on his bodysuit and a glowing ring) and some cool green-tinged skin. The stark contrast of light and shadow is perfect for any villain but especially fitting for a luminescent one. Let’s face it: Green Lantern has never looked this good. Besides which, he’s already dressed to hit the bars in mid-March. Smart guy.


Here’s a behind the scenes shot from the photoshoot with Benny Lee Photography. Here, I was aiming for a picture that obscured my features, and focused on the lighting elements of the costume.


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