Voltaire and Scar13 take a bubble bath


I’m trying to focus on how to tell y’all about this photoshoot. I can say it is a Blue Blood photoshoot from Amelia G and Forrest Black. It is a BlueBlood photoshoot that features Voltaire, Scar13, a few bubbles, and some very very lucky ducks. I can’t exactly show you much of this Barely Evil photoshoot without the super big box of censorship (remember, the only ship worth a damn is friend-ship–so sayeth Mr Burns) popping up.

The photos are hot. How hot? Imagine two gorgeous women, ink scattered amongst the bubbles, taking a sensuous bath together and then, somehow, upping the ante with rubber ducks. The two just came from a bondage convention in Las Vegas ($10 says I can name more than a few of the guests…) and if anyone has been to an adult convention, you know just how crazy it can get. This shoot is the perfect release needed after such a convention. It’s fun. It’s playful. It’s steaming hot (I mean, I never–ever–thought I’d be jealous of a rubber duck before). It’s also naughty with a touch of innocence.

The girls are perfect with each other. Ink + Colour + smiles + bites = Yes, thank you/please/take my money. If you dig a good bath, and really, who doesn’t, then this shoot is definitely for you. It’s worth it to see what they do with those poor little duckies. Quack Quack.

Amelia G and I found these fun photos just the other day and thought they would be great to share. It’s a little bit #TBT, from the time she and I went out to a bondage convention in Las Vegas and brought Voltaire and Scar13 along for the adventure. We had a huge Jacuzzi in our hotel room and it just wouldn’t have been right not to have a bit of a bubble bath party, complete with BarelyEvil’s rubber ducky collection of course. The ducks came from our friends at Retail Slut, back in the day. Anyway, lots of fun was had, even if some of us overslept the start of the kinky convention the next day.
Forrest Black~


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