Ravishing Zombie RazorCandi Enjoys A Sensual Bubble Bath


If there is something you can be sure of when watching a RazorCandi photoset is that she always aims to impress, and this Zombie Bubble Bath is not the exception.

While the costume she is wearing is simple enough (hint: she is topless), the set is not so much about the costume as it is about the characterization, and RazorCandi did a great job with this one.

Her flashy hairstyle that kind of looks like black wings, the deep eye makeup she has on, plus the lip makeup that is half what you would normally expect lipstick to look like and half a style that makes her look like a zombie is a great design that would make Harvey Two-Face want to recruit her.

The general dark tones of her clothing, makeup and hair and the whiteness of the bubbles in the tub she is in (oh, yes, she is taking a nice bubble bath and covering her naughty bits with foam, did I forget to mention that?) makes watching her a delight.


I know old sets aren’t usually as exciting as new material but I’ve had this set since 2006 and never really got the opportunity to use it until now. Though for some of you the look may be a bit extreme but it is the classic ‘RazorCandi’ style that many people know me for! The most exciting part about this set is that it is completely exclusive, you are about to view a set that no one has ever laid eyes on before, and the first ones to ever see the set in 8 years! The coolest part is my twin sister Eden Prosper shot the set!




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