Super Hero Yaya Han!


wonderous2-webIf you don’t want to cosplay someone else, cosplay your self. As you may know, Yaya Han is a very esteemed cosplayer because of her finely made cosplays. Yaya Han collaborated with Lion Forge Comics to create her own Super Hero Comic which is about Yaya Han being a cosplayer AND a superhero named Wonderous.

But before that, who is Yaya Han? Yaya Han is a costume designer, model and cosplay entertainer with over a decade of experience. After discovering cosplay at Anime Expo in 1999, she quickly absorbed the heart and soul of costume design and creation. To this day Yaya has made close to 300 costumes in the genres of anime/manga, comic books, video games, sci-fi and her own original designs.

Yaya Han and Lion Forge team decided to design the superhero suit to be protective, functional yet still feminine and glamorous. The costume is made out of textured metallic purple upholstry pleather which became the very core of the costume.

Yaya Han is an exceptional cosplayer with a great talent for both modelling and tailoring her costumes let’s support her by following her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube Channel and DeviantArt. Let’s also support her photographer Brian Boling photography and most specially Lion Forge Team for delivering this fantastic Yaya Han Comics.


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