Jessica Creepshow: Videogames and a Hot Playthrough


Jessica Creepshow is playing a videogame with a friend, but after a couple of multiplayer matches, their game crashes, leaving them unable to continue playing; however, they do fix the situation in a very creative way, and after they do, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Jessica Creepshow’s night was saved and improved (I don’t want to spoil anything, but the ending is one of the hottest things ever).

There are a few things that induce some powerful Super Saiyan boners like watching a beautiful lady playing videogames does, and when said lady is Jessica Creepshow wearing tight clothes that also let you see a lot of her skin, then it gets even better.

Something I like about her outfit is that you can totally mimic it for your Saints Row character (believe me, I checked).

And while I’d love to show you the way she erotically stares at you while she plays with something other than a controller in this BurningAngel set, in the interest of keeping things safe for work, I’ll only say that you should check out the full set and video, for it is guaranteed to give you a few “upgrades” if you know what I am saying.




Jessica Creepshow invites Bill for videogames and hot sex




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