Would You Like To Play With Catherine?


Gamers are used to playing different games with almost the same theme and gameplay. However, there are those certain types of games that come out once in a blue moon with a unique storyline. For me, Altus’s game called “Catherine” is one of them.

The game’s art and voice acting was great. Though it is a puzzle game, it is not a child’s game. The story is of a mature content revolving on infidelity and relationship commitments. It also involves some scenes in bed.

Surprisingly, despite of the game’s popularity there is a serious lack of cosplays of Catherine. So it was utterly wonderful to stumble upon a decent cosplay by Japanese cosplayer, Isana. She has just the sort of sweet and sexy look that’s fits the character whose name is on the game title, Catherine. Isana is a fan of varied game franchises such as Baten Kaitos, Empire of the Guardian, Monster Hunter and the like. She is one certified gamer girl!


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