Kayfabe_ breaks down her feelings for Vince McMahon


Kayfabe_ was online today and that means we got to play a game of F.Marry Kill and “Would you Rather”. She’s a wrestling fan and a hot one at that. One of the things I noticed about Kayfabe_ was, well, she’s entirely naked through this game. I also noticed that she isn’t shy about her true feelings for Vince McMahon. Those feelings manifested themselves after she would do just about anything than give the guy the time of day. We threw name after name at her to see if she’d buckle. I even threw in a Droz (immediately after puking) and Vince to trip her up. Needless to say, the woman really dislikes McMahon (don’t we all).

One cool thing (I mean besides doing the game and seeing the amazing posterior of Kayfabe_) is that she isn’t just a ‘current’ fangirl but knows about the legends too. In fact, I’m pretty sure she’s sweet on Macho and Pipper. I told you she had good taste, didn’t I?

So if you are a wrestling fan and want to chat to a great hostess who actually knows her stuff then you need to visit Kayfabe_. She’s simply the most intelligent and coolest wrestling hostess I’ve seen on MFC. If you do see her, ask her “Making out with the Boogeyman–with his half eaten worms in his mouth–or kissing Vince McMahon.” I think we may have a winner.

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