AnonyMiss_ remembers the 5th of November


I saw the mask and I had to stop. True to her form, AnonyMiss_ puts on an interesting show. She is one part social consciousness, one part political ideology, and a whole lot parts sexy. She uses the keyboard to talk to her room. That’s right, I haven’t heard her talk once. To be honest, this doesn’t bother me. I think it works great with her show and she is far more entertaining than some hosts who have the gift for gab.

One gift that AnonyMiss_ does have is the gift of looking very sexy while figuring out how to vape with a mask on. It was actually darn right cool to see someone come up with this idea and play it out so well. Even her bio page was thought out with the V for Vendetta concept. If she’ll still be AnonyMiss_ tomorrow or not, I haven’t a clue. All I know is that I am enjoying her show (and that killer smiley bra top) for the night.

Username: AnonyMiss_
CamScore: 1002
Gender: Female
City: London – Subterranean Shadow Gallery
Country: United Kingdom
Sexual Preference: Straight
Occupation/Major: Grassroots Revolution
About Me:
Happy 5th of November
Hello. You may call me Evey.
V and Evey
But really I am no one… and yet everyone all at once.
You, Me, and Everyone you know
I’m not here to sell you sex or the illusion of love, I’m here to help you be part of the Revolution. the REAL revolution; and if you’ve sold your soul, perhaps the opportunity to buy it back. I am every person who has ever been oppressed, abused, or exploited.
I Am here to spread Awareness of Issues plaguing humanity, and if you are an individual with eyes that see, and a mind that understands, I hope you’ll join me. Together, we can raise awareness and funds for causes, network together to solve problems, make friends who care about the same things, and be heroes.
Rebels are Good People
This room is a place for great minds to discuss issues, and get others involved in the REAL revolution. Changing the world for the better.
So How Do we do this?
Guy Fawkes stored barrels of Gun Powder beneath a corrupted, oppressive Parliament in an attempt to blow it up…
Remember Remember
We will be using powder kegs of a different sort in order to destroy a myriad of worldly ills.
A powder keg of a different kind

Top 5 Causes

Causes List:
1.Homelessness… Highest tipper so far in this category is: miccfin! Thank you!
6.__________…. and so on.

Name a worthy cause!
Fill in the blanks by voting/tipping (Make a note in your tips).
Expand the list with ideas for causes, and let the discussion begin!

So, How can you let others in the room know more about your favorite causes and persuade them to vote with you?
How can you shed light on what you are passionate about?
Civil Debate!
Give your dick a break and your brain some stimulation!
What grinds your gears?
What would you change about the world?

Aside from being serious and saving the world, Let’s encourage each other to laugh. Be goofy, make jokes, find a reason to smile in this grim world. I will take breaks from time to time to do the same. Maybe I’ll do the funky chicken dance, maybe watch some funny vids, Listen to hilarious songs, or perhaps heckle and ridicule any jerks in the room. Let’s have some LOL’s and maybe even some LULZ ;D
Please feel free to talk among yourselves and collaborate in this place.

Feel free to make song requests (tips might help persuade me)

Hall of Heroes
Hall of Heroes: A place to honor those who are the most generous and active philanthropists in the AnonyMiss Chat room.

The top handful of tippers can choose to have their name displayed here, and will earn a title. But most importantly, will earn my consideration for real life friendship and collaboration. Yes, Seriously. Right now, All I have are imaginary friends like:


and Neo
Because really, these guys showed us how to beat the system…

And from one of my favorite shows:
Daenerys Targaryen, Breaker of Chains
Breaker of Chains

And Arya Stark, the little rebel
who wants to become one of the “faceless men” ;D
Arya Stark

There are a few more characters I admire that will probably go here later. Also, if you have some favorites, lets talk about them! =D

Meanwhile, this page is still quite fresh and still under construction.
It will grow and change as we progress and collect good ideas that will help the cause. So…
Please stand by

Come join the Chat.
Come change the world a little at a time.
Come make friends and partners in crime LOL.

See you on the other side of the rabbit hole!

down the rabbit hole

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