And F_L_O_R_A was her name-oh


Ever want to have a sing-a-long at 3 am? Ever wonder what it is like to dress like the life-sized doll whilst having a sing-a-long at 3 am? Well, I am happy to announce that F_L_O_R_A has both of those bases well covered. I was cruising the chatrooms looking for a Harley or a Supergirl or another costumed beauty when I came across F_L_O_R_A (whose name I shall now commit to Copy/Paste because dang those underscores…). There was something about her dress that I had to check out further. Yes, as some of you might notice, I go in for quirk. Her dress screamed it and, when I entered the room, she sang it. Okay, so she started out with Itsy Bitsy Spider and then we moved to B I N G O.

F_L_O_R_A is an enchanting and animated hostess who honestly looks like she is having fun. Does she get naked? Does she do other things? From the room topic, I can say “yes”. Oh, and I peaked a bit at her profile (no pun) and I can only say, ‘Get in here. Get in here now. Bring your credits.’ If her profile pictures are anything to give a hint, then she is absolutely gorgeous with–or without–that dress (but let’s go for without, eh, chaps?).

Name: F_l_o_r_a
Mama doesnt even have an inkling that Im working on a website in a pair of lacy pants.
United States
21, No Answer
Tags: redhead, ginger, pale, piercings, kinky, pierced nipples, long hair, teen, young


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