The Unforgettable Luci


The first thing that popped into my head as I saw the enthralling Luci was her white makeup, with which she looks like a distant cousin of Frieza from DragonBall Z; only, instead of being scary, she seems like someone you would love serving under.

Something I really liked about this BlueBlood gallery is the fact that Luci is not constantly looking at the camera in an enticing way, but that she also looks away at times as if showing you a shyer, more attractive side of her. After this, she proceeds to turn up the heat and take on a deep gaze that clouds the scene with sensuality.

This BarelyEvil rollercoaster of elements make Luci someone you will have a hard time forgetting.


Here is a shoot Forrest Black and I did with the magnificently devilish Luci and her rat familiars. Her rats are so ridiculously cute. I mean, I like pets anyway, but hers are truly adorable, very curious about the photographic equipment flashing lights at them and very affectionate with Luci.
–Amelia G




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