Jessica Nigri Blowing this Joint


We’re back to another League of Legends cosplay but before I introduce our star character for today I will just discuss briefly about League of Legends. League of Legends is a Multiplayer Battle Arena or MOBA like DOTA but League of Legends (LOL) leans to a more anime looking characters for its setting and has a much more deeper lore than DOTA.

One of the cute and messed up champion of League of Legends is Ziggs. Ziggs was born with a talent for tinkering, but his chaotic, hyperactive nature was unusual among yordle scientists. Aspiring to be a revered inventor like Heimerdinger, he rattled through ambitious projects with manic zeal, emboldened by both his explosive failures and his unprecedented discoveries. What I like about Ziggs is it’s cute, wild and maniacal personality. Weird combination isn’t it having cuteness and maniacal in it but what’s more is that our famous Jessica Nigri cosplayed our fun and cute champion.

If you’re a cosplayer how would you portray Ziggs? Specially if you’re a girl? I mean, Ziggs is freakin small like a chibi character from an anime but Jessica Nigri has her own ways of doing cosplay. She really just can’t resist on emphasizing her boobs in every cosplay of hers but the it was necessary and still very aligned for a female Ziggs. Besides she looks like a maniac and has a wild personality her. Cuteness? NO Sex Appeal? Definitely YES. But don’t let that fool you, like what I said in our previous article about her Edward Kenways Cosplay she doesn’t need to rely on her boobs to be famous, she can cosplay anyone even if her whole body is covered with clothing just like the saying “If you have it flaunt it”.

If you want see more of Jessica Nigri, you may visit her social profiles at Facebook, Reddit, Youtube and Twitter. She has portraits at her online store! The photographers for these shoots are Safells Photography and Dtjaaaam.



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