Bastila will Make Your Lightsaber Quiver


Among all the Star Wars based games out there few matched the quality of Knights of the Old Republic especially not its characters like Bastilla Shan. Given up to the Jedi Order when she was a baby, Bastilla became one of the most important and sexy Jedi in the order. Cosplayer Marylin and photographer Van Holywell have perfectly captured that erotic Jedi power.

Marylin has unleashed the sexy side that Bastila tried to hide in KOTOR. Wearing a body suit that hugs her body so tight you can see every curve of her unbelievable body, but still leaves you wanting more. Combined with her grey eyes, that perfectly match Bastila’s, it’s impossible not to want her. Staring into those soft greys you might feel like your under a Jedi mind trick. It helps that Marylin has perfectly copied Bastila’s outfit and attitude.


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