Treasure Planet Cosplay by Ryuko


A cosplay I never thought I’d see done right was Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet. It’s not hard to see why I thought that — the character is an alien who very much resembles a cat. Though the costume may look like it is not a big deal, it does require a lot of work both wig styling, sewing and makeup wise. Ryoko, who’s been cosplaying since 2002, managed to bring Captain Amelia to life with everything done to perfection.

The wig is styled perfectly, but that’s to be expected from this cosplayer who managed to make the best Team Rocket Jessie’s wig the Internet has seen. The costume itself is lovely, with detailed gloves and amazing boots, but the makeup and the ears bring this costume to life entirely.

Somehow, Ryoko captured Captain Amelia’s spirit with her fantastic makeup job. The placement of the colors, the contrast between them really creates the fierce alien cat we know.

Here is an amazing set of photos from the costume, taken by Kifir. If you’d like to see more from this amazing russian cosplayer, check out the page of her cosplay team!


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