Amanda Offers You A Forbidden Bite


I have never felt more envious of Adam than when I saw the first few images of this BlueBlood gallery, and like the forbidden fruit for this deliciously sensual Eve, a single bite was not enough for me and I had to keep getting the BarelyEvil goodness that Amanda Jilesse brings to the table.

Amanda’s hair and her beautiful and passionate red lips, as well as her inviting gaze, present a combo of deliciousness that is hard to stop thinking about, and the fact that she has a playful look on her face while she poses or holds up an apple only make her even more attractive.

When you see how she offers you the forbidden fruit, you’ll understand why we were kicked out of the Garden of Eden, since you would definitely not turn down anything this beautiful lady offers you.

Let me assure you, if she was the only woman you could spend eternity with, you would do so happily and without regrets.




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