Dorothy Perkins Enamors You With Her Sweetness


At first, when you see Dorothy Perkins, you don’t know where to rest your eyes; her varied and colorful accessories overwhelm you, but then, she calms you down with her friendly eyes.

Blueblood takes you by surprise with this refreshing gallery by Amelia G and Forrest Black, not only with Dorothy Perkins’ beauty and style, but also, with an unforeseen gift that guarantees to make your jaw drop to the floor.

You see: her athletic figure has a secret, and that is that Dorothy Perkins is super limber, and she is not afraid to showcase it.

Her purple hair, vibrant accessories and furry hat (that kind of makes her look like a delicious purple gummy bear), make for a thrill so sweet you can almost taste it.

It is as if she has escaped from an anime show and wants you to help her find her way back.

Edit: Her Ultra Happy Alarm art book is available now!


Dorothy is also an illustrator and her drawings have a really cool feel, very similar to her fashion style.



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