Black Cat by Riddle’s Messy Wardrobe


It doesn’t matter if you’re into comics or not, because this Black Cat will sweep you off your feet anyway. This time I’m bringing you Riddle’s Messy Wardrobe aka Riki in her sexy Black Cat cosplay. This full leather outfit probably looks pretty cool as it is, but these pictures really show it off well. I must say it’s both a great work from the cosplayer and the photographer/editor, because they managed to pull off the spirit of the character through the photos. If she robbed me, I’m not sure if I’d feel sad, or very lucky!

The cosplay was made in 2010 and I bet it’s gotten a lot of attention through the years already. I’m happy to have the pleasure of posting the photos here for your enjoyment. The images were created by Jay Tablante, Benny Lee and Bryan Humphrey. If you’d like to see more from Riddle, click here.


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