Black Widow by Giorgia Cosplay

I am a sucker for comic book girls! Lately, and also due to the action we’ve seen on the big screen with Avengers 2, Black Widow has really grown on me. She’s dangerous, badass and sexy. However, and as we’ve seen, she also has a more human side to her that actually feels — underneath her killer attitude, she feels pain, fear or even love.

But hey, I’m sure you’re more interested in seeing the gallery I’ve brought you today! It doesn’t portray Black Widow’s emotional side, as it is fully related to her “solving matters assassinating people” one.

The cosplayer is Giorgia Vicini, an italian cosplayer and an extremely sexy woman. I particularly enjoy the background and the editions that make this photoshoot a bit more exciting and filled with action!

Photos taken by Daniele Faccioli. If you’d like to see more from Giorgia, check out her page.

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