Nude Viking Sings the Blues


Summer a.k.a. OUSweetheart is about to get offline, so I’m going to make this super quick. She has a beautiful heartstring-tugging voice and she is singing nude tonight, while accompanying herself on acoustic guitar. All her songs sound like really pretty blues, even when she is riffing on originals which are really kind of hard rock. She does take requests. I recommend tipping.

ousweetheart viking guitar blues cam

ousweetheart viking guitar blues cam

ousweetheart viking guitar blues cam

ousweetheart viking guitar blues cam

Hey! I’m Summer! Welcome to my page! Everyone is welcome here. Tips are always appreciated, and they keep me on cam, (I appreciate my supporters so much, without which I couldn’t be an entertainer here!) but please don’t feel like you can’t just cha t with me. I love to see a friendly face (or screen name, heh) and I appreciate anyone with a good sense of humor.

I talk a lot here, it’s my favorite part of MFC.(Read: Don’t lurk here, say hello!) I’m a feminist cam girl. I bet you are a feminist too, and if you don’t believe it, I bet I can convince you. I paint, and run and do yoga. I like to be naked outside. I travel and hike. I like to perform, and I was previously a burlesque artist. I spend a lot of time thinking, and reading, but I prefer talking and listening. I read palms, and if you’re nice, maybe I’ll warn you about your impending doom. I play the ukulele and some guitar and banjo. Sometimes write stupid songs. My favorite thing in the world is meeting new people. My cam SUPER POWERS are:1) being able to make friends with nearly anyone, 2) being able to find value in everyone, and 3) holding intelligent room conversations on educational, political, and social topics while giving you a boner. Think I can’t? Try me.

The only real rule in my room is to treat everyone with respect. *Anyone who uses racial slurs, sexist language or epithets will be swiftly removed from this room* There are only a few other ways to get on my bad side fast: 1)Telling other folks to tip when you didn’t 2) Telling me what to do for other people’s tips 3)Demanding anything 4) Saying *anything* negative about ANY other models; the person you’re complaining about is probably a friend of mine.

Please keep in mind that while I love sharing my body with you, I’m not a vending machine. All shows are based on the energy and feel of the room, I never fake anything; including my interactions, I want to be authentic and genuine with everyone I meet here.

This is a gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans* and queer friendly room. I identify myself as queer. Please observe respect this while you are here. To do otherwise will result in immediate removal. I am not afraid to use my gay agenda steam roller.

Favorite Models: MySoFtyGuNS AmberCutie Radiant_Nea LucyOHara Kori_Love JoleneBrody SophiaLocke Lula_ OUSweetheart Embers42 BabyZelda BettieSweets BrandiSparks AwesomeKate EchoMe Infinite_T


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