Jade Blue Eclipse redefines flexibility


Alright, I’m pretty flexible. I don’t mean “for a guy” I mean I am flexible period. Well, I thought I was until I saw Jade-Blue Eclipse post for Amelia G and Forrest Black. I could describe the clothes she is wearing; the clothing does look pretty good with the cris-cross stitching up the leg and the wrist cuffs that match the boots, but, honestly, Jade-Blue Eclipse doesn’t have to wear a thing to get your attention. The poses start right out into the extra-flexible category. Flexibility is one thing, but Jade-Blue Eclipse has the strength and concentration to pull off the poses. I get the feeling that she could have held a lot of these poses long enough for someone to sketch her instead of taking her picture. Her mastery of flexibility and her body is quite remarkable. I grew up around ballet dancers, artists, and the occasional circus performer. Sure, a lot of them could do a pose like Jade-Blue Eclipse, but not a single person could do all of the poses she does. She really does combine a lot of body control with flexibility and this is something rarely seen (if ever) in most modern exhibitions. Oh, and if you somehow get past her flexiblity, you can see that her tattoos are pretty cool too. Her tattoos that come off her clavicle are probably my favorite. There is something nice about the symmetry.


Blue Blood has always been about celebrating individuality and the sensuality of reveling in your true self. Jade-blue Eclipse is one of the most remarkable self-made individuals it has ever been Forrest Black’s and my extreme pleasure to immortalize on camera. I love her ability to do contortions and her performance artist truth in challenging hypocrisies of all sorts. When someone is bad-ass enough to get a William Gibson character named after her, you know that is some next level stuff. She has certainly suffered for her art, but this shoot is only about the joy of the amazing things Jade-blue can seemingly effortlessly and gloriously get her body to do. And I’ve mentioned this before, but, yes, those fangs are permanent.
–Amelia G


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