Melodie Malfoy the stripping death eater


If the Death Eaters were half as hot (meaning the regular army) as Melodie Malfoy, I’d have to get the blurays of Harry Potter. GodsGirls gives us a real treat this time with Melodie in Slytherin gear. Her front side has some pretty cool in on it, both the top and the bottom. The top is what draws my eye though since the imagery is something I haven’t seen before. The use of colours for her top tattoo makes it visually stunning. What else is visually stunning is the way she can really pull off that Potter look. She seems at home in her garb and, even though some of it comes off rather quickly, she uses it for an artistic strip tease. The tie and the socks are two things to remain on for quite some time. I think that leaving these on really draws us into her sexuality. Okay, that is all a bunch of intellectual things that come down to: This girl is hot and I think I have a Potter Cosplay fetish now.

Excuse me, but I think it is time for some wand exercises. I’ll leave you with the pictures below, but if you really want to see her in full glory, you know the deal. Mischief Managed.

Description : Melodie Malfoy, ready to serve He Who Must Not Be Named.
Photographer : cooke



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