The pink vampire hunter


Is a pink vampire hunter pink or does she just hunt pink vampires? Oh, that modifier will get you every time. Cosplay-Mate brings us a pink one indeed. I love pink, and I love the hair choice for this model. I didn’t notice the cross before on her collar. For some reason, I was focused on other parts of her, but now that it was brought to my attention, I can say it is a pretty nice piece. The red gem in the middle sets it to her hair and the silver matches her bra a bit.

I like this particular photo because, not only does it display the cross, it also shows her pulling in her tight white shirt. It is that moment of anticipation–like the time Demi Moore took her top off in Striptease. We all know that scene. This reminds me of it. She has it closed but at any moment, you know it will pop open. Oh, and when it does, you will be nicely rewarded.


She seems like a kind, sweet and friendly sort of person, isn’t she? She must be quite popular with everyone. What about that rosary? Seems she is quite attached to it.

It is said that once removed, she turns into a different person. She is a bit colder and straightforward yet more active and protective.
Is having mocha with her considered a three way?


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