XxLaciexX chats Watch Dogs, has a boob sale, and dishes on comics


If you don’t know yet, Watch Dogs has arrived. I haven’t played, but XxLaciexX and her room are talking about the pros/cons of the game. It appears that none of them are trapped in the “loading screen from heck” some of the Ubisoft customers are complaining about. We move on to comic books and writing (the Boob Sale is her giving a discount on her boob flash prices due to the massive number of regulars hanging out). She has a pretty good grasp on mainstream titles for comic books; Deadpool seems to be her favorite. I know I need to read him more and XxLaciexX actually pushed me to get some. It was a great choice because I am loving the Deadpool comics and really really hate the treatment he was given in Wolverine.

Oh, and did you know she is a writer? A gal after my own heart! The most thrilling thing I see in the room isn’t her boob sale (although, darn it, that is pretty cool!) or the comics or even the gaming–it’s her love for writing. Yeah, I’m that sort of geek. It takes a writer to know one. The way she describes it clicks very well with me and I look forward to reading a few of her things.

So, as I popped back in to get her Twitter handle, I am a bit stunned since she is a bit naked now. I have to say she really looks fantastic. She is a natural girl that is friendly, fun, and a total body shiver. If you are reading this right now, you need to stop and pop into her room. Remember: Tip and Tip well. We need more people like XxLaciexX at MFC.


Username: XxLaciexX
CamScore: 1138
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
brunette, C cup, gamer, white, pale, freckles, blue eyes, green eyes, amateur, shy, cute, friendly, vibrator, dildo, toys, video games, natural, bisexual, tattoos, trimmed, shaved, irish, young, cute, hot, sexy, playful
Drink: Moderate
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Creative Writer
Favorite Food: Bacon Cheese Burger
Pets: Husky/German Shepherd mix


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