Veronica Chaos gets her dummy on


So, some of us might have been called a dummy before, but in Veronica’s room, it isn’t an insult. I check in when I can for Veronica Chaos. She always does a solid show–from dressing up to just chilling with a beer. Being real and having a personality is essential to stay alive in this business and Veronica Chaos is alive and well while others are on life support. There is something I am going to build up with here, but first I have to talk about the movie topic in the room: Tucker and Dale vs Evil. If you haven’t seen that movie yet, well, you aren’t a fan of horror or comedy. It was something that had me hooked just from the movie poster. Such great acting and the writing was pretty good. Go see it, but first, come into Veronica Chaos’s room. We are talking about the history of cam and AOL discs. Oh, she is going to put on a juggling show soon, but that isn’t the main event. The main event–if we get enough tips together–is a dummy ummm…a dummy…well…I can’t quite say it on this site. Let’s just break it down into this simple math equation:

Slappy + Veronica Chaos + Some great imagination = A dummy ________ on _________.

Don’t waste time buying a vowel, get in this room. I want to see this thing happen. Remember, hostesses like Veronica Chaos make cam worth going to. Support the artists and support them often (I mean she is handling a few balls as a prelude to the dummy show, can this get any cooler? Okay, as I was about to post this, she starts doing a hat trick too. So, the answer is “Yes, it can get cooler!”).

Have a look at her juggling skills here, but you have to come in the room to see the dummy trick…


Username: VeronicaChaos
CamScore: 3611.5
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Tags: goth, punk, clown, star trek, silly, nerd, glasses, art, rule 34, natural, stripper, burlesque, doctor who, blond, pale, acf, ventriloquist, puppet, cosplay, tng, ds9, weirdo, multipass, costumes, creepy, honest to a fault, chatty, tease, goofball, horror, performance, dummy
Occupation/Major: Ventriloquist / Clown


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