LilLitaRose is the gaming champion


I love gamers. I do. I love pen and paper, table tops, and the great models who get on and game in cam. I have seen a lot of very cool gamers (and some who fizzle), but Lil Lita Rose is one of the biggest gamers I’ve seen on MFC. She is talking about her Pathfinder skype show she is planning for early next year where the tippers can get a seat to play with her in a sexy style show. The action doesn’t stop there as we are currently discussing how the tips add up with a handy Nintendo control graph. Oh, and did I mention she does a game with a d10 for prizes?

LilLitaRose giggles at pain, has a fantastic set of real boobs (they are actually a bit hypnotic) and is a great hostess. She is a personality that I want to visit when not reviewing just to see the gaming action. She has a great Tri-Force tattoo on her neck and a Half-Life on her right arm and is planing some more. So, why not help her out with her goals? I mean, not to mention wouldn’t playing with her via Skype kick some major booty?


Name: LilLitaRose
CamScore: 1733.5
Age: 23
Smoke: Non Smoker
Occupation/Major: Princess of Cute/ House Cleaner

Lita’s Players
Everyone can be a Player! But to level up, you must tip a certain amount to be considered a High Level Player. For Lvl 10, you must tip 500tks per month and receive special pictures, snapchat/messageme, and your name on my profile. . For Lvl 15 you must have a lifetime tip of 1000 and receive snapchat for 5 months, a special video, a fansign, and your name on my profile. For Lvl 20, You must tip the highest single tip to achieve this status. And with being my Lvl 20 hero, you get snapchat unlimited, a hand-made monogramed pillow, pictures, videos, a fansign, and bragging rights.

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