i Love Steam celebrates May 4th in style


Alright, so I searched for anyone having a May 4th party online and I saw this model wearing a Chewie with sunglasses on t-shirt. I knew I had to see more of this room and boy, I am glad I did. iLoveSteam not only has a rad Chewie shirt, but she also is giving away her hand made Storm Trooper painting. Oh, and the best part of the night? By request we are watching Jedi with her. That’s right. i Love Steam is having an honest to goodness May 4th party and getting tips by watching one of the best movies ever made with some of the best fans on MFC. Back to Han being defrosted, so May the Force, well, you know how it goes.

Username: iLoveSteam
CamScore: 1375
Location:United States
Tags: redhead, freckles, cat lady, silly, crafty, sweet, but dont fuck with me, dorky, acf, has curves, lazy, has boobs, smiley, not a slut, cant dance, loves hugs, funny, storyteller, likes pigtails and bows, often horny, nerdy, weirdo, scared easily, plays xbox, and league of legends, blue eyes, professional cock drawer, cute, handy as fuck, closet furry, random, bbw


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