Arrow – Tremors


This episode is sure starting off with a bang. Our good friend Vega, I mean, BRONZE TIGER, breaks out of prison when a stranger with a job offer sends in a poor sucker into the prison with Turner’s claws embedded in his body. That’s…. weird.

Arrow’s training sessions with Roy are not going well but we get a most excellent scene of Ollie practicing the salmon ladder, sans shirts. Yay man boobs! When the Bronze Kitty storms Merlyn’s house to steal Ye Olde Earthquake machine, Arrow brings Roy along for some smash em up fun. You can play along too! All you need is a hoodie, lots of steroids and an attitude problem! I got two of those things already.

Laurel’s apartment looks like raccoons and hobos have been living it it. Pick up those take out containers you fucking slob! You’re not in college. Poor Dresden is concerned and tricks her into going to an AA meeting and Laurel is not amused. So she goes to party it up at Ollie’s club when she learns she’ll probably be disbarred. Oh Laurel, it is really hard to feel sorry for you. Looks like it will take a ghost to get through to you.

When Moira meets Walter for dinner, she thinks it’s to rekindle their relationship but instead he’s invited a political advisor to try to convince her to run against Sebastian Blood for mayor. Even if she’s seeking redemption there’s still a whole lot of dead people in the Glades. Oh well, at least that will give her something to do. Your OB knows that Thea is Merlyn’s so he’ll have to be taken care of?

So on the Lost island, Slade is trying to blow up the freighter. GREAT! Why does Ollie have a problem with that? Sure it may be the only way off the island but there’s a psycho at the helm. Blow it up and wait for the next crazy pants to come along.LOLOLOLOLOL at for this pic.

Oh snap son! Ollie revealed himself to Roy! Blowing up the earthquake machine was an option? Why didn’t they do that the first time? Welcome to the team Speedy, try not to be a douchebag.

OOOOOO Hello Amanda Waller. How are you?


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