Game of Thrones – The Rains of Castamere


Props! So many props on that war table!! I want them all! The Game is in full effect as Robb strategizes with Cat. Once they have Frey’s army, they’ll be able to strike against Casterly Rock and the Lannisters. Good plan! Once they arrive at the Twins, all the wolves are offered bread and salt, which gives them protection under the Frey’s roof. K…

Across the Narrow Sea, Dany and her two dads plan to take Yunkai with Daario making some power plays. This is not exactly how it happens in the book, but it works anyway and the Momma o’ Dragons has yet another slave city to emancipate. And the look on Jorah’s face when he returns victorious and all Dany wants to know is where Daario is, is priceless. Bitch, she wants the young hot dude!
Sam and Gilly continue their Tour of Sadness in the snow. That’s it. Keep walking, see you next week.

Arya and the Hound’s tête-à-tête regins supreme and Arya is scariest when she’s calm. The Hound will always be bigger than her, but he’s starting to understand that she is dangerous as well. Plus, anyone who calls the Hound a scared little girl and lives to tell about it is okay in my book.

Bran and Rickon arrive at the Gift and then a whole bunch of shit happens. When the Wildlings roll in, chasing down the horse breeder who they were trying to kill, Hodor grows distressed and loud, and Bran uses his worg powers to invade his body and make him be quiet. Okay, awesome. Then Jon is finally exposed to the Wildlings and starts to fight them. Bran then takes over Shaggy Dog and Summer and helps Jon get away. But not before a dying Orell’s eagle scratches the shit out of Jon’s face. Not the exact sequence of events in the book, but this is a nice meshing of key points in a condensed version. Jon escapes and heads back to Castle Black and Ygritte is crushed but that’s the way the cookie crumbles, toots.

Bran orders Osha to take Rickon and head to the Umbers, where he will be safe. Bran and the Reeds will continue on their adventure north of the Wall in a great adventure .

The wedding at the Twins commences and Edmure tries his hardest to be dour and sullen. And lo! We have a cutey on our hands. See, what was he so worried about!? So the events that follow were not a surprise to anyone who has read the books, that you know, came out thirteen years ago. Sure, some people had never heard of the series, or don’t know how to read, or whatever, but I can’t tell you how delighted I am at the rage tearing up the social media sites tonight. It’s like Xmas for us nerds who appreciate good storytelling and epic adventures! We’ve had time to cope with these loses but boy is the general public just outraged! And to that I say, you are adorable.

It’s a nice day for a Red Wedding.


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