Game of Thrones – Walk of Punishment


Okay, episode three, let’s do this! Lots of stuff going on in this episode as the major story lines really start to get going. Robb finally sounds like a king as he knocks a bannerman down a peg or two for not following orders. Sure he won a battle, but lost a whole lot of men and that wasn’t the plan, doofus! I still don’t care about his wife at all. Not one bit. We do get to meet the Blackfish, who is as surly and sarcastic as we wanted him to be.

Oh hello, what’s this then? Tywin as the new Hand and the small council, all back together again like a pack of Mouseketeers! Unspoken power plays are always a favorite of mine. Especially when done with noisy chairs. What a fan-fucking-fabulous scene as these players are back with their subtle little jabs that makes them so entertaining to watch.


Brienne and Jaime have a nice heart to heart that gets very dark indeed. Being a girl sucks in most universes, real and fantasy.

Cat is still a sad sack as they send off Lord Tully to the old gods and the new in the fiery ritual of carousel! Now go up to your tower and sulk some more. No amount of rewrites will ever make you a likeable character.

Pinwheel, pinwheel, spinning around, look at the dead horses and see what I found! The Wildlings begin hatching their plans to travel to the Wall and fight The Watch. Shit is about to get interesting.

The stragglers from the Fist finally make it to Craster’s, much to the chagrin of everyone involved. No one’s happy to be there, not even that big fat pig that is eating better than all the humans. And we get to see a big baby dick. You could have said it was a boy, no visual needed. We believe you.

Theon gets some help and runs away, as is his cowardly way. It doesn’t end well, let’s just say that.

Melisandre has things to do but Stannis gets all needy and grabby. Poor boy, he’s way more into her than she is to him. She is just trying to do her job as a red priestess, it’s not really about you Stannis, but that’s sweet of you anyway.

We quickly check in with Arya and bid adieu to Hot Pie as he’s decided his life of adventure should draw to a close. He only wants to be a baker so let’s let the fat little jerk have his way.

Across the narrow sea, Daenerys proves she’s the HBIC. Don’t question what she says old men! I think that gryphon statue is WAY too big. It’s like, as big as the pyramid. Scale it back just a little? Maybe it only bothered me, I dunno. Anyway, give her all those Unsullied and let’s get on with it.

Ahhh Podrick gets his just dessert, as it were, for his selfless act of saving Tyrion. He’s always been such a painfully shy character in the books, it’s nice to see him a little more animated. Just a tad.

Of all the nicknames he’s had, no one is ever going to call him Lefty Lannister. The rock version of “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” is certainly a nice, if not weird touch. Nicely done, episode three. You covered a lot of ground and while I will always, ALWAYS want more, this seemed like a pretty decent job of staying on top of so very many things that are happening. Needs more Bronn tho!


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