Nooka Mercury Glow Sunglasses


We like things that glow in the dark. They are cool and scifi and make us look like we belong in some futuristic, Blade Runneresque movie. Nooka’s Mercury Glow sunglasses are a pale green color during the day, but when the lights go off they glow bright green. I’d love to see some in red, but I say that about most things. Find them and more boring non-glowing colors on the Nooka site.

The Nooka Mercury is made with polymer injected frames, making them light-weight yet durable with matching rubber nose-pieces and ear guards for added comfort. The blue lenses with silver mirror finish adequately deflect sun rays and provide UV protection while ensuring a high level of color and contrast acuity. This combination of natural and synthetic materials coupled with the modern design and gem inspiration results in a playful yet sophisticated new take on eyewear.


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