Trend Micro Is a Bunch of Jerks


trend micro vs gothYou guys know about our new sister site, right? It’s filled with articles about fashion and culture with a gothic slant. Well, if you’re a cubicle jockey, chances are you’ll never be able to look at it at work because the powers that be at Trend Micro deem it as Adult/Mature content and block it. What, you ask, the fuck is Trend Micro? Apparently it’s a company that sells security software to companies that restrict Internet traffic for their faithful employees. And despite many requests they refuse to reclassify the site, for really no good reason. I mean, highly stylish jewelry IS a threat to your productivity. Here is a list of sites that are a-okay in their book tho! a “fashion” site that will tell you how to give a great blow job! is classified as “restaurant”. I mean, I go to Hooters for the wings… the F’ing Klan!? Which is the swimsuit specific part of the website featuring copious amounts of tits. Totally SFW is safe which is good cuz there are NO PICTURES OF WANGS ON FLICKR EVER A fine establishment of athletes I listen/watch to hear sports updates, not because Howard talks to strippers or makes them sit on a Sybian which is all about sex and culture

So faithful reader, Trend Micro is a bunch of jerks who don’t want you to see the latest Japanese goth denim trends. Feel free to check out your favorite offensive site with their handy tool! Post your favorites here or send them to the Trend Micro twitter!


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