Game of Thrones Drinking Game


You may be a fan of Game of Thrones, you may not. If not, why are you here? But you are probably a BIG fan of drinking. Over at her blog, Milan-based nerd and total hottie, Anna Lucylle, has put together a classy drinking guide for your pleasure.

Anna created a pretty great prop book that holds the rules of the Game of Drinks and even offers a link to a downloadable/printable version. What a gal! Print one out for your drinking tome, (we all have one right?) and play along!

I think you could probably cut the list in half and still have fun, or pick a few that you really enjoy. I like the “Cersei is plotting something” and “Hodor says Hodor”. If you follow all of the rules you would be completely blotto by the time the recap of the previous episode is over. Which is not always so great for my recaps. I mean, is not always good for you, my lovely viewers who probably have work on Monday. SUCKERS!


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