I Kissed a Vampire – RomComMusical?


Reading this synopsis I thought, huh that might not be terrible. I love musicals, I freely admit it. And I randomly burst out show-tunes when the mood strikes. I know, don’t judge me! And vampires, how can you go wrong there? (*ahem* Twilight) Then I watched the trailer. It’s really disappointing when the trailer portrays this as some kind of…. angsty teen play. I’m sure those damn kids will love it, but Imma pass on this one.

In “the vein” of High School Musical, a desperate teen tries to save himself and the girl he loves after discovering he’s transforming into a vampire.

Based on the popular iTunes webseries of the same name, “I Kissed A Vampire” is a brand new feature film rock musical starring Lucas Grabeel (“High School Musical” and sequels) and Drew Seeley (“High School Musical,” “Another Cinderella Story”). The film features 17 original songs including ”Be The Bite’ It premiered in June at the Seattle International Film Festival.


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