Geek Girls Online Starla


geek girls online ggo starla captiveLocation: Planet Xeon
Occupation: Official probe handler for the aliens


Table Top/Pen and Paper RPG: Tri-stat BESM
Video Game: Phantasy Star Online,
Anime: If I have to narrow it down, I will say Neon Genesis Evangelion (though the ending was horrible)
Movie: Star Wars (original saga), Terminator 1&2 and Princess Mononoke
Book: Do Androids Dream Electric Sheep
Quote: “The truth is out there” – Fox Mulder from X Files


Sexuality: Straight
Smoker?: No
Drinker?: Rarely
Partier?: Not anymore

Mini Bio:

I love sci-fi and fantasy movies. I also like collecting various mytical weapons. My boyfriend is a photographer, and many of the weapons you see on here are actually mine 🙂


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