Geek Girls Online 8Bit



Location: Arkham Asylum
Occupation: Go Go Dancer/Geeky Porn Star/Super Villain

Table Top/Pen and Paper RPG: Witchcraft
Video Game: World of Warcraft, Disgaea, Left 4 Dead, Bioshock, Halo
Anime: Trigun, Chobits, He Is My Master, Hellsing, Bible Black
Movie: The Dark Knight, Role Models, Slashers, Amelie, Battle Royale, Juno
Book: Mad Love, Stargirl, Little Brother X, Anything by Neil Gaiman
TV Show: Batman: The Animated Series, Curb Your Enthusiasm
Quote: Aww, c’mon, Puddin’! Don’t cha wanna rev up yer Harley? Vroom, vroom!

Sexuality: 😉
Smoker?: Nope
Drinker?: There’s no blood in my alcohol system.
Partier?: I -am- the party.

Mini Bio: I’m 20, currently living in NJ and am fluent in Java Script as well as Klingon, XD. I LARP, probably corpse camped your Alliance toon in Battlegrounds, and very likely teabagged you in Halo.

My Piercings: Vertical Hood and soon to re-pierce my Monroe and lower lip
My Tattoos: 3 large stars on each side of stomach, Elvish writing for beautiful on right wrist and a girlie skull on my left wrist.


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