Happy Thanksgiving


I’ve looked at a lot of web pages about fandom conventions this month. It got me feeling all nostalgic. One of the things I really looked forward to when I was doing the con circuit was a new issue of Black Leather Times. This means I popped over to check out one of the fall anniversary issues of the BLT web archive. I wish they would post more of the back issues or maybe put out new issues. For now, in honor of the holiday, I recommend reading Amelia G’s humorous suggestions on how to get out of Thanksgiving dinner with the family. My favorite excuse is #7 “When invited (or reprimanded for not calling back until after the event), ask “What holiday? Fine dining in remembrance of my ancesters who committed genicide so I could live in America today? I will not celebrate a Holocaust!”” but “Dye your hair blue, pierce your eyelid, and get a tattoo of your boyfriend’s sexual organs on your nose. Maybe they will be too horrified to invite you back next time.” is mighty fine too.

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