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If you have any interest in being a professional science fiction genre writer, I recommend you at least check Locus Out from time to time. The site is pretty comprehensive. Locus does in-depth profiles on important people in the field. Anne McCaffrey, John Varley, Neal Stephenson, Michael Swanwick, Jonathan Carroll, Robert Sheckley, Alan Moore, Michael Moorcock, and my favorite William Gibson and other greats have all been the subjects of major cover features in LocusMag within the past year. Their tagline is News, Reviews, Resources, and Perspectives of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. They provide schedules of upcoming cons and, when I did the convention circuit and the whole fandom as a way of life thing, I definitely read this magazine all the time. I no longer read it religiously, but I definitely like to check in from time to time, especially if they have an interview with an author I particularly like or I’m looking for some new genre writers to read. It really is THE Magazine Of The Science Fiction & Fantasy Field.

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