The term fantasy


There is no universally accepted definition of “Fantasy Fiction,” and furthermore, the characteristics of the form and its many overlapping sub-genres are the subject of debate among some fans and writers.

A critical characteristic is that the world feature some difference from Earth that is not a result of science or technology, but rather the result of magic or other anomalous phenomena. But, again, definitions and opinions on the proper classification differ.

As a genre, fantasy is both associated and contrasted with science fiction and horror fiction. All three genres feature elements of the fantastic, of making radical departures from reality or radical speculations about what reality might be like, or might have been like. Some writers and critics prefer the term Speculative fiction due to the frequent crossover from one genre to another.

Further blurring the definition, some suggest there is a distinction between “Fantasy” proper as a genre, and “the fantastic,” the latter being a fantasy-like element in other fiction. (via Wikipedia)

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