Sailor Moon’s Queen of Darkness Brought To Life

Sailor Moon fans! Get ready for more nostalgia, because here’s a cosplay of Black Lady by Yuji Koi Cosplayer that’s going to make you think she’s stepped out of the 2D and into reality. Her costume may be simple, the wig can be bought and styled, but the makeup here is what truly brought out the spirit of this dark and beautiful character.

Part of the Black Moon Arc, Black Lady, is an evil adult version of Chibiusa Tsukino who was corrupted by Wisman a.k.a Death Phantom. As to why she’s called Black Lady, I don’t really know, but if I had to guess, the author associates the color black and darkness to evil and so to make it even more obvious that the character is evil, the word had to be in her name and in the title they gave her which is “Queen of Darkness”. In other versions of manga releases like in the TokyoPop version, they used both “Black Lady” and “Wicked Lady” for this character’s name.

Photo by: REN Photography

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