Shibuya Rin Cosplay: Simplicity At Its Best

If there is anything that this cosplay proves it’s that you can come up with a good cosplay without emptying your bank account. Everybody loves school girl characters and if you’re a newbie cosplayer looking for something simple to portray, then I hope Ping Ping’s cosplay of Shibuya Rin from THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls can serve as an inspiration for you to start simple.

Understandably there are cosplayers who focus mainly on a specific genre, like some who focus mainly on mecha or armour type cosplays, because it’s what they love and that’s wonderful. But there are also some cosplayers who after having worn costumes that are grandiose, they no longer want to cosplay anything simple because it’s “just not awesome”. Simple cosplays like this remind us that this kind of cosplay can be just as fulfilling especially if you love the character you cosplay.

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