Insatiable Episode 2 Recap: Skinny Is Magic

Bob was once again framed from a very unfortunate circumstance — Regina’s investigator took a picture of him and a barely dressed Magnolia in her room.

Last time, Patty already agreed to join beauty pageants and be coached by Bob without her mother’s approval. Patty’s mom is out for 4 days and she planned on ditching school. She showed up at Bob Armstrong’s office with a box of doughnuts but Bob has a better plan. He took out his magic black box — full of make up and gave Patty a makeover for the first day of her senior year.

Patty was the apple of every guys’ eyes — except for Brick, who’s been so nice to her but now the one who barely knew her. Magnolia and Brick are now dating and they have like 5 seconds make out session unrelated to Patty.

Patty planned to burn the homeless guy to death because of what he did to her but did not do so only to her during class that a guy from that motel where they went to almost burnt to death. Had she become a murderer from plain fatty Patty?

I haven’t mentioned on my previous article but there’s another Bob in this story — Bob Barnard — the more successful, sexier and more handsome version of Bob Armstrong, and the father of Magnolia. It seems that every time he shows up on the scene, he is topless. I know, he’s showing off his abs that only half the population on Earth would drool over. Coralee Armstrong came to visit Etta Mae, Bob B’s wife, for the sponsorship for Junior League but only Bob B was there, as usual, on his topless self because he “ran out of fresh shirt”.

Bob Barnard is played by Christopher Gorham, whom I remembered watching in the 90s in the Popular TV show as Harrison John. He had some gray hair (or maybe made it look like that for the sake of this show) but he looked just the way he looked decades ago — even sexier!

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